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Lose.R web development is a Copenhagen based web development company. We specialize in web sites and web shops for smaller businesses and organizations. We use open source CMS platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal for the web sites, and WooCommerce for web shops. The web sites range from the use of existing themes (with minor customizations) to entirely custom designs.

For now the company is just me, Rikke Lose, but I work closely with others, including the creative agency Supertusch, a web design and digital marketing agency.

About me

I am an experienced software developer with a background in library and information science. Since 2005 I have been developing software and services for the Danish library community, and now I mainly do web development.

In addition, I enjoy many cultural activities, such as going to the movies, concerts, exhibitions, sports and the theatre. I love travelling, reading, listening to music, watching movies, sports and playing boardgames, and I am a very happy amateur photographer.

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